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Optimize your liver function and feel better with LiverActive Homeopathic Spray

liverNot only is your liver the largest organ in your body, it's also "chief cook and bottle washer," responsible for keeping the rest of your organs and systems free of toxins and functioning smoothly—and it has a pretty big job description:

  • Producing bile, which aids digestion and emulsifies fats
  • Metabolizing proteins and converting amino acids
  • Regulating thyroid hormones
  • Creating GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) to regulate blood sugar levels
  • Transforming nearly all nutrients into biochemicals the body can store, transport and use
  • Plus MUCH more...

The trouble is, with today's poor diets, environmental toxins and hectic lifestyles, your liver is often overworked and underpaid—which can impact how you feel everyday.

Is your liver a "silent sufferer?"

Instead of complaining bitterly, an overworked liver just gets sluggish about doing its various jobs, and people often go years enduring fatigue and other health issues that may actually be signs that the liver isn't functioning optimally.

LiverActive Homeopathic Spray can help!

woman using mouth sprayFor centuries, homeopathic practitioners have relied on natural, plant-based ingredients to help detoxify the body and promote healthy body functions. Our LiverActive Liver Detox formula contains several natural ingredients to help maintain a healthy liver. It's easy...just spritz under the tongue up to 3 times a day—no pills to swallow—and no complicated formulas to mix. Just healthy, natural support that your liver will thank you for!

A liquid oral spray, LiverActive™ is designed to be absorbed into the blood vessels under the tongue, bypassing the digestive tract, which may slow the absorption of orally administered products.

In homeopathy, sublingual application is designed to speed delivery of ingredients to reduce your symptoms so you can feel better—and resume your normal activities sooner.

Multiple All-Natural Ingredients for Better Support:

homeopathic doctorWhy should you choose LiverActive? While it's simple to use, our formula is a complex blend of plant-based ingredients known to provide excellent liver support, and our homeopathic experts go to great lengths to assure purity and quality. We set the highest standards in our formulations, and choose only top-of-the-line ingredients you can trust, like:

Bryonia alba: Once worn as a wreath by Augustus Caesar to protect him from lightning strikes, Bryonia is a fast-growing perennial found across much of Southeastern Europe. Homeopathically, it has been used to relieve ailments related to respiratory health headaches and joint pain.

Carduus marianus: Also known as Milk Thistle, Carduus m. has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years, most commonly to treat ailments associated with the liver and gallbladder.

Chelidonium majus: This yellow-flowered poppy relative has been used as a detoxifying agent as far back as the 1st century AD, and is helpful in supporting liver, kidney and spleen function. Homeopathic practitioners have used it to treat respiratory, bowel and circulation impairments as well as jaundice.

See our ingredients page for a full listing of ingredients and their actions.

Listen to your liver... don't ignore the warning signs!

Ignoring your liver's cries for help will only exacerbate health issues—so take steps to insure that your liver stays happy and healthy!!

5 Steps to a cleaner, healthier liver:

1. Take LiverActive Homeopathic Spray—a natural liver detox you can count on.
Our formula works safely and gently to help detoxify your your body and support liver health but you can do more...

The American Liver Foundation suggests 4 more ways to reduce your exposure to toxins (both external and internal) that can affect your liver function:

2. Be careful what you breathe: Limit your exposure to airborne toxins, which include aerosol cleaning agents. Ventilate the room and/or wear a mask even when using simple house cleaners, bug sprays, paint or chemical sprays. Don't smoke!
3. Be careful what gets on your skin: Cover your skin to protect it, and wash well after using insecticides or other chemicals; make sure tattooing, piercing, and other needles are sterilized. Get some sunshine!
It helps your liver make Vitamin D!
4. Be careful what medicines you take: Avoid unnecessary medications—including prescriptions—and don't take too many pain relievers, flu and cold remedies. NEVER mix alcohol with other drugs and medications! Read labels to know the risks certain drugs pose to your liver.
5. Be careful what you eat and drink: Every toxin absorbed by the small intestine, stomach, pancreas, and spleen hits the liver through the venous blood supply first, so a healthy, balanced diet is key to good liver function. Keep your "filter" clean—avoid heavily processed junk foods, sugary drinks and alcohol.

Is a grumpy liver impacting your health? Don't wait!

Use LiverActive Homeopathic Spray in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, and Keep Your Liver in Tip-Top Shape!

Get started TODAY, and help flush your liver of toxins, excess fats and waste.
When your liver works properly—so does the rest of you!

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Drugs 'Most Effective Pain Relief In Labour' Finds Study ( rugs-relieves-childbirth-labour-pain-better_n_13421 43.html) Mar 14, 2012 Women who take drugs throughout their labour experience better pain relief than those who seek alternative therapy, like massages, TENS

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Pain Relief in Labour | Doctor | ( ur.htm) Most women do not require pain relief during early labour, but seek it once the active phase of first stage labour begins. Nondrug techniques can be learnt...

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What a wonderfully helpful video. Expressing gratitude. I a hypnobirthist with Mindful Mamma in the uk based in Birmingham. These techniques are great. If mindfulness and visualisations is practised throughout pregnancy it can aid a calmer birth. We are on Facebook :)) I'm on Midland Mamma.
Thanks so much for posting this video! My first child was born July 30 and the techniques demonstrated in the video were extremely helpful. The "pelvic press" in particular was instrumental in managing contractions. I also found the video itself very relaxing. The music and the tone of the instructor's voice are very soothing. I actually watched the video on my iPhone during labor and it really helped me to relax. So, thanks!

10 Ways to Manage Labor Pain - ( nt-childbirth-contractions/labor-pain-management-ch ildbirth-contractions-1/) Immersing yourself in warm water during labor can be as effective for pain relief as a shot of narcotics. The weightlessness of sitting in a tub reduces pressure

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Natural relief for labor pain | March of Dimes ( f-for-labor-pain.aspx) Some women want to experience childbirth as a natural process and without the use of medication. Other women may use natural methods to ease discomfort

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Pain relief during labour and birth - Having a baby in WA ( cfm) Information on pain relief during labour and birth and who to contact for support.

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Pain medication for labor: Overview | BabyCenter ( Find out what your options are for pain medications during labor, including epidural, spinal block, and systemic pain relief.

Pain relief in labour - BabyCenter Canada ( abour) Your options for medical and natural pain relief in labour. BabyCenter Canada.

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Using water for pain relief during labour - Fact Sheets ( duringlabour) Immersion in a bath of water or shower during labour provides an alternative option for pain relief and relaxation during labour. The safe use of the shower or

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Epidurals and pain relief in labour | Mumsnet ( ain-relief-epidurals) Your pain relief options during labour, including in depth information on epidurals, pethidine and meptazinol.

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The Nature and Management of Labor Pain: Part I ( Sep 15, 2003 Nonpharmacologic methods of pain relief such as labor support, intradermal water blocks, and warm water baths are effective techniques for

Pain Relief in Labor - ( l) All of your pain relief for labor and birth questions answered from

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Pain Relief Options - The Best Chance ( pain-relief-options.html) Sometimes women in labour need additional pain relief. This table outlines some options for pain relief medications during labour and birth.

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Pain relief in labour - BabyCenter ( in-labour) Your options for medical and natural pain relief in labour. BabyCenter.

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December 21, 2013. Labour and birth - pain relief | Ballarat Health Services ( The experience of pain in labour is different for everyone. Some women prefer to avoid using drugs for pain relief in labour. This is a personal choice and we will

December 22, 2013. Laboraide - Natural Labor Pain Relief ( Welcome to Laboraide. The Natural Birth and Labor Pain Relief that works! Find out how you can reduce pain during childbirth and shorten your time at birth.

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December 23, 2013. 10 Ways to Relieve Labor Pain | Fit Pregnancy ( y/10-ways-relieve-labor-pain) Breathing and education from Lamaze can help you overcome labor pains during pregnancy and delivery.

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December 24, 2013. Pain Relief - During Labour - Pregnancy - Kidspot Australia ( m) There are many types of pain relief to choose for your labour, including epidural, pethidine, hot water, homeopathy and gas and air.

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December 25, 2013. Pain Relief in Labour - KK Women's and Children's Hospital ( ringLabourPainRelief.aspx) Pregnancy - During Pregnancy - Pain Relief in Labour.

December 26, 2013. Pain relief for labour and birth - Tommy's ( Read about the pain relief options available for labour and birth.

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December 27, 2013. The Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association - Leaflet - pain relief ( 3D115) Information to give mothers and their partners an idea about the pain of labour and what can be done to relieve it.

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December 28, 2013. Pain relief in labour | Healthinsite ( labour) Labour is painful, so it's important to learn about all the ways that you can relieve the pain. It's also helpful for whoever is going to be with you during your labour

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December 29, 2013. Pain Relief Options for Labor and Childbirth - WebMD ( ef) WebMD examines the options for pain relief during labor and childbirth.

December 30, 2013. Childbirth - pain relief options | Better Health Channel ( s.nsf/pages/Childbirth_pain_relief_options) Pain relief options include drug-free methods as well as medications such as nitrous oxide The three main medical pain-relieving options for labour include:.

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December 31, 2013. Pain relief in labour - Pregnancy and baby guide - NHS Choices ( es/pain-relief-labour.aspx) Find out about the different methods of pain relief in labour, including self-help, gas and air, birth pools, pethidine and epidural.

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April 4, 2014. Pain Relief - During Labour - Pregnancy - Kidspot Australia ( m) There are many types of pain relief to choose to bust the pain of contractions during labour, from epidural, pethidine, hot water, homeopathy and gas and air.

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April 5, 2014. Pethidine for Pain Relief in Labour (Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond) ( ormation/pain-relief/pethidine-for-pain-relief-in-l abour.shtml) Pethidine is a widely used drug for pain relief in labour. Pethidine is a similar drug to morphine and heroin. These three drugs are from a family of drugs known...

April 6, 2014. pain relief during labour... - Netmums ( th-labour-256/812316-pain-relief-during-labour-all. html) hi everyone am looking for some advice on what is the best pain relief to have during labour. could do with the advice asap as im due on 31st...

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April 7, 2014. The Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association - Leaflet - pain relief ( %3D115) Information to give mothers and their partners an idea about the pain of labour and what can be done to relieve it.

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April 8, 2014. Epidurals can make labour last two hours LONGER than without ( pidurals-make-labour-two-hours-LONGER-without-pain- relief.html) 7 Feb 2014 It was already known that the second stage of labour can take longer after an... I had a completely open mind in regards to any pain relief.

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April 9, 2014. What is the best pain relief during labour? - Yahoo Answers ( D20091112013855AA8nlwO) So now that i am pregnant and planning my labour, I would like to know what is the best pain relief as I dont want to have a stressful, painful labour. Is gas and...

April 10, 2014. Relieving Labour Pain - Birth ( -labour) Find out everything you need to know about the medical and natural forms of pain relief available during labour well as the known side effects for Mum and baby.

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April 11, 2014. Labor pain: Weigh your options for relief - Mayo Clinic ( delivery/in-depth/labor-pain/art-20044845) No two women have the same degree of labor pain, and no two labors are exactly alike. Ultimately, you need to choose the pain relief option that's right for you.

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April 12, 2014. Childbirth - pain relief options | Better Health Channel ( s.nsf/pages/Childbirth_pain_relief_options%3Fopen) Labour and childbirth is usually a painful experience and women vary in their response to it. Some women are keen to avoid drugs or other medical...

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April 28, 2015. Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief (with Pictures) | eHow ( Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) can be well treated. Over the past decade thousands of pregnant and nonpregnant women...

April 29, 2015. Natural Arthritis Pain Relief | eHow - eHow | How to... ( relief.html) Epidurals and Pain Relief. For the most part, epidural analgesia does effectively relieve labor pain. 1 Obstetrical anesthesiologists continue to state that epidural...

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April 30, 2015. Pain Management - Johns Hopkins Pathology ( -pain-relief.html) Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief. The sciatic nerve extends from the buttocks down the back of the leg. Pain from a pinched nerve can affect this entire area as...

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May 1, 2015. Meloxicam 15mg vs. Ibuprofen 800mg - Pain Management - MedHelp ( ?area=tr) Natural Arthritis Pain Relief. There are many types of arthritis, but one thing they all have in common is pain. Whether brought on by inflammation...

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May 2, 2015. Childbirth | Mumsnet Discussion ( Childbirth Definition. Childbirth is formally divided by the medical field into three stages. The first stage is labor, which has three phases: early, active, and...

May 3, 2015. labour pain relief ( Check out the feedback from the testers trying Hedrin Once headlice treatment. retiresavvy feedback thread: read the MNers opinion of the new portal from Skipton

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